What is Divvee Social

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What is Divvee Social?

January 26, 2017 By Damien Ramos Divvee Independent Affiliate

If you were to do a Google search of “ Divvee or Divvee.Social” you will find all kinds of conflicting articles blog posts videos and more. The question you may be asking yourself is if weather or not Divvee is legit or is it a scam? Rather than sift through all of the  misleading information which tends to cause people being misled on what Divvee.Social is actually all about and how it can reward its members with gift cards, name brand items and the potential of passive income online. I have decided to write this blog post to show how Divvee hast the potential to do just that.

So here is my brief overview on Divvee. My intention is to be as straightforward as well as give my honest opinion, if you would like most up to date information about the company and how it can benefit you subscribe to our mailing list and we will be sure to keep up to date.

This could be the Big One!

Divvee Rank & Share How Does It Work?

Through the Divvee Rank & Share program affiliates and free members will have the ability  to:

Earn reward points in as little as 15 minutes a day to share their opinions and thoughts on for starters on mobile apps being released to the public.

(Some of the company aspects may be subject change since the time of this blog post)

I’ll all begins with free members who gain access to the Rank & Share rewards system.

Free member: In the beginning will review videos of various mobile apps. In the near future additional Rank & Share activities will be made available including surveys, movie trailers and product reviews.

As a free member you are rewarded with points for completing these actions. Points can vary for each activity in the Rank & Share System. At the time of this blog post members will be able to complete up to 5 per hour.

These reward points stack up which can be put redeemed for brand named products services and even vacation packages. Click Here to learn more about how Divvee.Social generates revenue to make the membership rewards possible.

Now let’s have a look at how you can make an income… Through the “Team Building Structure.”

The Divvee Rank & Share Compensation Plan

Divvee uses what is known as a 3×10 matrix compensation structure to pay out commissions.

You must upgrade to a $50.00 per year membership to become an affiliate. You may also choose to apply 750 points from your member rewards to cover the cost to upgrade.

In order for an affiliate to qualify for commissions they must:

•Generate at least one hundred Rank & Share actions a month (this can include personal actions and that of an affiliate’s/ free memberss)

•Sponsor at least one “active affiliate”

•Pay a $50 yearly fee to be an affiliate, or redeem reward points as a free member to upgrade.

There are no limits to the free members or affiliates you can enroll however your TBS (Team Building Structure) Will consist of 3 legs and 10 tiers max.  For more info on the TBS Click Here.

Divvee Points

Free members & affiliate users both generate two points for each Rank & Share activity. These points go towards a number of rewards which can be found on the Divvee Redemption Center.


As an affiliate there will be several options to receive your commissions  a pre-paid debit card which will be set up. There will be both weekly commissions as well as monthly bonuses. Free members will only have the ability to earn points and invite other free members.

Some of the member Benefits include:

•Over the age of 13 can do it! Get your children to use it to pay off phone contracts.

• Free yearly affiliate account. (Incentive for free members to make cash and reward points)





•Vacations to destinations such as Mexico, Punta Cana , Barcelona and Bahamas just to name a few.

In my honest opinion becoming a part of this membership network is a complete no-brainer.

Other Important Things To Know!

1.   The Company hasn’t gone live as of yet. Expected Launch for members in the USA will probably happen within the next 5-10 business days. (26 January is today).

2.  Affliates and Members outside of the US and Columbia will have to sign up in one of 4 phases. More info. on that in a later blog post.

3. Only member with completed profiles will be able to participate in the Rank & Share program.

Potential Earnings

Disclaimer: As with any income opportunity there is no guarantee of income and one earning will vary based on their own level of participation and effort. More information on what you can expect will be made available in the coming weeks. 

According to videos produced by Divvee Corporate in the pasce affiliates will earn somewhere between ¢0.01 to ¢0.25 per rank from both free members and affiliates in your team provided you meet the qualifications.

Although this in not a corporate video it may help give you a better understanding as soon as an official corporate video on the compensation plan is made available I will replace this one.

That’s all for now be sure to subscribe for more info and updates you can also choose to be a part of our amazing Team Build one of the most organized and powerful I have ever been a part of.

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