Facebook Copy and Paste Chat Script

This page will give you the exact words to uses when having a one to one conversation with a contact that you just became friends with on Facebook

The goal of this script is to invite a Network Marketer to look at your MLM Recruit On Demand System:

Benefit to you = You make money if they join MLM Recruit On Demand using your link.

Benefit to you = They get exposed to your primary business on the back end and you have an opportunity to build a relationship with them that can lead to positive things in your business.


Step 1– Go to Facebook, do searches to find people that are in Network Marketing
You can search by different MLM company names, you can join groups, you can look at the friends of people that you know that are in Network Marketing. Click Here for Facebook

Step 2– As you find Network Marketers use the “Add Friend” button to request to be friends

Step 3– When they accept your “Friend Request” use the script below to engage in a conversation with them.

Step 4– Use the checkbox of their possible response to get the script of what to say next.

Repeat the process with as many contact as you can.

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