What We Do

Take Cash Calls LLC is an affiliate member group and marketing firm that provides marketing services such as outbound postcard sending, inbound phone concierge, marketing surveys and more for people involved with home-based businesses. Take Cash Calls LLC is designed to bring in Leads for Business and Sales Professionals.

Take Cash Calls LLC is designed to bring in Leads for Business and Sales Professionals including but not limited to: Realtors, Mortgage Professionals, Insurance Professionals, Retail Distributors

Financial Planners, P & C agents, Chiropractors, Dentists, Contractors, Networking Professionals and many others business professionals who are looking to build their businesses

Our Mission

To provide our member with the best training, support to achieve their financial goals.


Count on us to work with all of our members and their prospects in a friendly yet professional team environment. With 24 hour support a global network and world class tools we are here to serve your needs.

Company Value

We have a no one left behind approach you get work with agents from around the country and a around the world with a multitude of skill sets .

What we offer

Access to our world class virtual call center. Marketing tools and training. The opportunity to work with a professional sales team with multiple decades of experience. Top notch customer support.

Become A Liaison

We are here to fulfill your dream of a rewarding & enriching career.

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Become A Consultant

As a consultant you can enjoy additional benefits and double the compensation by building your team 2x as fast.

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